Program: V4AS@CVPR’20

June 14 (Sunday). Live talks on Zoom.
We thank you all for attending the workshop. The videos of the talks will be made available soon.
Starting Time
08:00 17:00 23:00 Opening Remarks
08:10 17:10 23:10 Invited Talk: Prof. Sabine Süsstrunk (EPFL)
“Towards Augmented Vision using Invisible Radiation”
08:50 17:50 23:50 Invited Talk: Dr. Werner Ritter (Daimler AG)
“DENSE 24/7 all-weather perception system. Results from 4 years of research.”
09:30 18:30 00:30 Dark Zurich Challenge
09:30: Christos Sakaridis (ETH Zurich)
“The UIoU Dark Zurich Challenge on Uncertainty-Aware Semantic Nighttime Image Segmentation”
09:45: Qimeng Wang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) & Nisarg A. Shah (Indian Institute Of Technology)
“Winning the UIoU Dark Zurich Challenge”
10:00 19:00 01:00 Break
10:30 19:30 01:30 Invited Talk: Prof. Qifeng Chen (HKUST)
“Sensor Data Mining for Image Enhancement and Depth Sensing from Day to Night”
11:10 20:10 02:10 Invited Talk: Prof. Jean-François Lalonde (Université Laval)
“Going beyond the clear weather assumption”
11:50 20:50 02:50 Paper Presentations
11:50: Aditya Mehta (Birla Institute of Technology and Science)
“HIDeGAN: A Hyperspectral-guided Image Dehazing GAN”
12:00: Yoshihiro Hirohashi (DENSO Corporation)
“Removal of Image Obstacles for Vehicle-mounted Surrounding Monitoring Cameras by Real-time Video Inpainting”
12:10: Rachel Blin (INSA Rouen Normandie)
“A new multimodal RGB and polarimetric image dataset for road scenes analysis”
12:20: Lei Yu (Wuhan University)
“Implicit Euler ODE Networks for Single-Image Dehazing”
12:30: Fuxun Yu (George Mason University)
“Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Object Detection via Cross-Domain Semi-Supervised Learning”
12:35: Shuyang Dai (Duke University)
“Adaptation Across Extreme Variations using Unlabeled Bridges”
12:40: Sergey Tarasenko (Mobility Technologies Co.,Ltd)
“Streaming Network Applications for Adverse Weather and Lighting Conditions”
12:45 21:45 03:45 Break
13:20 22:20 04:20 Invited Talk: Prof. Felix Heide (Princeton University)
“Designing Cameras to Detect the “Invisible” : Computational Imaging for Adverse Conditions”
14:00 23:00 05:00 Invited Talk: Prof. Wen Li (Uni. of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
“Driving in Adverse Weather: Domain Adaptation and Beyond”
14:40 23:40 05:40 Invited Talk: Prof. Torsten Sattler (Chalmers University of Technology)
“Semantic Visual Localization in Changing Environments”
15:20 00:20 06:20 Closing Remarks

Accepted Papers

  1. Aditya Mehta, Harsh Sinha, Pratik Narang, Murari Mandal. HIDeGan: A Hyperspectral-Guided Image Dehazing GAN.
  2. Yoshihiro Hirohashi, Kenichi Narioka, Masanori Suganuma, Xing Liu, Yukimasa Tamatsu, Takayuki Okatani. Removal of Image Obstacles for Vehicle-Mounted Surrounding Monitoring Cameras by Real-Time Video Inpainting.
  3. Rachel Blin, Samia Ainouz, Stephane Canu, Fabrice Meriaudeau. A New Multimodal RGB and Polarimetric Image Dataset for Road Scenes Analysis.
  4. Jiawei Shen, Zhuoyan Li, Lei Yu, Gui-Song Xia, Wen Yang. Implicit Euler ODE Networks for Single-Image Dehazing.

Accepted Abstracts

  1. Fuxun Yu, Di Wang, Yinpeng Chen, Nikolaos Karianakis, Pei Yu , Dimitrios Lymberopoulos, Xiang Chen. Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Object Detection via Cross-Domain Semi-Supervised Learning.
  2. Shuyang Dai, Kihyuk Sohn, Yi-Hsuan Tsai, Lawrence Carin, Manmohan Chandraker. Adaptation Across Extreme Variations using Unlabeled Bridges.
  3. Sergey Tarasenko, Fumihiko Takahashi. Streaming Network Applications for Adverse Weather and Lighting Conditions.